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attempts to bring traditional Indian footwear right at your doorstep. These comprise mainly of Mojaris, Buntos & Kolhapuri Chappals. Made of pure camel skin these Mojaris originate from Rajasthan, which is a desert state. It has strong roots in the production of leather, wool and minor minerals. It is extremely rich in livestock and a prominent supplier of raw materials for leather industry. People staying in Rajasthan are expert in making leather Mojaris.
The rural artisans mostly use vegetable tanned leather which has excellent thermal insulation qualities. The inside temperature of the shoes measured 31° C, which is almost the body temperature. Even the bonding of uppers with the sole is with cotton threads and silk threads which is not only eco-friendly but enmeshes the leather fibres with great strength. They have no left right distinction and are inevitably flat soled. They take the shape your feet giving a comfortable walking experience.
With 53 years of experience in the business, has the necessary expertise and experience to give you the very best of ethnic footwear.
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